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Gastric Bypass Diet Safe Banana Bread Recipe

Welcome in Fall by baking a loaf of

“Olma Elsie’s” Banana Bread

A Gastric Bypass diet approved recipe.

Gastric Bypass Diet Banana Bread

Although banana bread is good anytime of the year, there is nothing that compares to a fresh baked loaf of banana bread warm from the oven. Its aroma fills your home with a sweetness that even the finest candle companies can’t replicate. This family recipe was adapted with Baking Splenda. The recipe uses half the amount of regular sugar. Baking Splenda is a sugar blend. It incorporates granulated Splenda with refined sugar. The end product will render 3gm of sugar in the serving, which is legal on the Gastric Bypass Diet. If you choose to make this bread with the granulated Splenda and make it Sugar Free, there is a technique that you’ll need to know to ensure a successful out come.


* ½ Cup “ Sugar Blend” baking Splenda

* 2 Cups all purpose flour, sifted

* 1 tsp. Baking soda

* ½ tsp salt

* 2 eggs

* 1 stick butter, softened, but not melted

* 1 tsp. Pure vanilla extract

* 4 –5 ripe bananas


In a bowl cream together 1 stick of softened butter and ½ C Sugar Blend Splenda. Beat until fluffy and well creamed. Add eggs, one at a time to incorporate well into the mixture. Sift 2 cups of all purpose flour, 1tsp. baking soda and ½ tsp. salt. Slowly add dry ingredients to your creamed mixture.

Once blended, add 1 tsp. vanilla extract. Now begin adding the bananas. Instead of mashing the bananas, cut into pieces and add them one at a time. Blend well. The mixture will appear lumpy. If you’d like to add nuts, it’s totally optional. ½ cup chopped nuts of your choice can be added at this time.

Generously spray a loaf pan with cooking spray. Pour batter into the pan and bake on the middle rack on 350-degree oven for 55 – 60 minutes.

* Optional * before placing in the oven lightly sprinkle 1 tsp. of the sugar blend Splenda to the top of the loaf. This topping will give the loaf a sweet crust.

Check loaf by inserting a wooden toothpick into the middle of the loaf. If the toothpick is dry the loaf is done. Any moisture on the toothpick requires more baking time in 5 minutes increments.  When done, remove from the oven and cool on a tack 20 –30 minutes. Gently turn pan and tap to remove loaf. Continue to cool on rack. Eat and Enjoy!!

* If you choose to make this with granulated Splenda and therefore Sugar Free, you must add the Splenda to your dry ingredients. Blend your eggs and butter, beating until fluffy, then add the sifted flour, baking soda, salt and granulated Splenda. Compete the remaining steps as above*


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  1. Oh my gosh, does this ever look good. Why is it that we wait for fall to enjoy this scrumptious stuff. Great Banana bread recipe, thanks!

  2. So glad you like the recipe and I hope yiou will fill your home with the yummy goodness of this moist and satisfing bread. Remember, You can bake this bread with Sugar Blend Splenda, Granulated Splenda or refined sugar. Visit again soon. Sincerely, Meggie

  3. Thanks for visiting our website. I’d like to share that we have researched a new 100% all natural sweetener and I’ve begun to rewrite and adapt all my recipes. We are very happy with this new sweetener and please check our site often for new posts, recipes and tips. Happy baking, Megiie

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