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How To Ice Cupcakes-Why Not Make It Look Great!

Is How To Ice Cupcakes Even Important? It’s Just a Quick Bite

Well Yes it is! I have mastered creating great cupcakes in many flavors and varieties, And a question I get often is How to ice cupcakes?

Are You Enjoying Icing Your Cupcakes?

You know decorating the perfect cupcake is always important. As you know we eat with our eyes first, so you want to really put your best foot forward. And sometimes the reason people have a problem with icing a cupcake is the tools they are trying to use. I’m all for cutting corners and saving money. But I also believe you have to have what is needed to do the job right. So when I’m asked How to Ice cupcakes. I have to include the perfect tools. Which includes a piping bag and a turn table. It’s not too much if you plan to make cupcakes that please your audience.


 How to Ice Cupcakes? Use the Right Tools

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One thing that will help is a great recipe. Here is my recipe for Old fashioned butter cream frosting and of course I use a sugar alternative. And it really doesn’t matter what cupcake you make as long as it is absolutely delicious and loved by your friends and family.  Here is a recipe that I use all the time for delicious Walking On Sunshine Cupcakes that work really well with Old fashioned butter cream frosting.

Here is a video I did to show How to ice cupcakes in action. I use my Ateco turntable which makes the job so much easier and I do love it. But although you may not use this particular one, let me tell you that a turntable of some kind definitely will make the job much easier and the outcome more perfect. Enjoy! and I hope you have as much fun making and icing your cupcakes as I do.

Piping the Perfect Cupcake

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