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Old Fashioned Butter Cream Frosting Recipe

A new way for individuals on a Gastric Bypass Diet to enjoy an icing that is a Sugar Free Food.

Recently while I was shopping, I was halted in the baking isle and focused on a new name brand sugar free cake mix and sugar free canned frosting. Enticed by an in-store coupon, I purchased both.

Having worked with Splenda for several years I have learned to adapt old family favorites that duplicate all the yummy goodness refined sugar offers. However, my discounted sugar free investment proved to be a bust and was a huge disappointment in the texture and taste compared to my recipes made with Splenda.

Sugar Free Splenda

Ingredients used in sugar free cooking

The following is a wonderful sugar free recipe that will be a great addition to your recipe box. I can’t wait to share with you this old technique for making butter cream frosting.


2 Cups Water

1½ Cups Sugar Blend Splenda

4 egg whites ( room temperature)

4 Teaspoons Cream of Tartar

½ Lb. softened butter

½ Cup all purpose flour

In a sauce pan combine 2 cups of water and 1 ½ Cups Splenda. and bring to a boil. Stir frequently until mixture begins to thicken. You are making a simple syrup. Once you have a reduced the mixture and is thick, remove from heat and set aside.

Next, separate the four eggs into egg whites and egg yolks. Be careful not to get any of the yolk into your egg white mixture. Save your egg yolks for tomorrow’s omelet.

sugar free cooking

Separate your eggs into two bowls, one for yolks, one for whites.

Sugar Free cooking

Be careful to keep the yolks and whites separated

In a mixing bowl begin beating the room temperature egg whites

sugar free cooking

Be sure your egg whites are room temperature

Add ½ teaspoon of cream of tartar. Beat on high speed until soft peaks form.

sugar free cooking

Soft Peaks!

Add another ½ teaspoon of cream of tartar. Beat until stiff peaks form.

sugar free cooking

Stiff Peaks!

Slowly add the simple syrup to the beaten egg whites in a steady stream while mixing.

Add 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar.

Now  cut in softened butter a few butter pats at a time. Continue to beat on high speed. Once all butter has been added, slowly incorporate the ½ cup all purpose flour. Blend well.

This basic butter cream can be easily changed in flavor by imparting pure vanilla extract, almond extract or any pure oil flavoring.

Chill frosting for 45 minutes. This frosting spreads well and is perfect for piping on cakes and cupcakes.

As always, ENJOY!!! And remember diet after gastric bypass does not mean no sweet treats.



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  1. Remember, this Butter Cream Frosting recipe can transform and burst with different flavorings. Just a few drops of almond, orange or lemon lemon extract are delightful. And, for the chocolate lover in you, try a Cream Cheese Chocolate Buttercream Frosting that’s made with Splenda. Positively heavenly!!!!!!

  2. Help! I’m done mixing everything, but its pretty runny. Will it solidify in the fridge?

  3. Hi Shannon
    anytime you refrigerate the frosting it will firm up. However, once at room temp it can soften up again. I find that if the 1/2 cup of all purpose isn’t enough you can slowly add more until the consistency is one that is workable for frosting a cake or piping on a cupcake. Hope this tip helped and thanks for visiting. As always, keep visiting my site for new tips and recipes. Meggie

  4. I think you are really forgetting one thing… Splenda BLEND has REAL sugar in it… so this is not sugar-free. I was disappointed when I saw you used the Splenda Blend. I am just wondering if you realized that it does indeed has real sugar mixed into it?

  5. Here is the Splenda website that tells you that Splenda Sugar Blend is HALF real sugar and half Splenda mixed. There is nothing SUGARFREE about using it. It is LESS sugar, but not sugarfree. I am surprised your nutritionist didn’t explain that to you when you had your gastric bypass surgery. It is misleading to the ones who are reading your recipes and you saying it is sugarfree when it isn’t. If the reader doesn’t realize that it’s actually a 1/2 real sugar and 1/2 splenda blend that is wrong that you are misleading them.

  6. Hi Lee,
    thank you for visiting my website. I appreciate your input on Splenda Blend. I am very aware of the 1/2 the amount of sugar , hence the word ” blend” As I have been in the medical field for more than 24 years, I have great knowledge in knowing the difference between all the sugar subsitutes. As a gastic bypass patient of the Roux-N-Y procedure 8 years ago, we can not break down refined sugar and would never attempt to introduce it into my daily eating habits as it can make one feel awful. However, we are able to tolerate small amounts of white & brown refined sugar, honey and molassas, usually between 2-3 grams per serving. If you were to break down the recipe by mathmatic calculation, it is a treat that becomes ” legal” for one who has dietary restrictions. I am always learning about new techinques in ways to improve taste and texture for baked goods, icing and candies. I hope you visit again. Happy creating, Meggie

  7. Meggie,
    I was looking at your recipe for sugar-free buttercream icing, and was wondering about the cream of tartar. You have the ingredients listed as 4 teaspoons but from reading the directions, it shows you only putting in 2 teaspoons total. Could you let me know if I add the remaining at the end or not at all. I am wanting to use this for a baby shower on cupcakes for a request of sugar-free ones. I appreciate your time and also sharing your recipe to others. Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Hi Meggie,
    I was wondering on your ingredients for the cream of tartar, I notice it calls for 4 teaspoons, but in your directions above you only show and tell of adding 2 teaspoons. Do you add the other 2 at the end of the mix or do you add the rest at all. Interested in using your icing recipe for a sugar-free cupcake I need to do for a baby shower. Thanks for your time and will wait to hear back.

  9. Hi Thomas,
    thanks for your interest. I find that adding the cream if tartar can be a little tricky and I saved the additional 2 teaspoons at the end. I found it aided in firming up the frosting. Hope your cupcakes turn out yummy 🙂 I am preparing for a very important event in two weeks. I have 4 different cakes to prepare and I will be using a variation of this butter cream frosting and please visit again as I plan share these recipes with visitors to my website. As always, wishing you happy creating, Meggie

  10. the recipe calls for 4 teaspoons of cream of tartar , but direction only tell you to use 2 teaspoons . 1/2 tsp in egg white until soft peaks , 1/2 tsp until stiff , 1 tsp after adding simple syrup. So what do i do with the 2 tsp of tartar

  11. Hi Gary,
    thank you for your interest and preparing this butter cream recipe. I have reserved the last two teaspoons of the cream of tartar if it’s necessary to firm the frosting to the consistancy you may need for spreading and piping on a cake or cupcake. I have been working on another variation that does not require a boiled simple syrup . I will be sharing new tips and recipes very soon. Next week I will be baking a Strawberry Margarita Cake, Chocolate Expresso Cake, Sunset Lemon Cake and 24 Carrot Gold Cake. Please visit again and wishing you splendicious creating :=) Meggie

  12. Can you make buttercream roses with this recipe? It seems like they wouldn’t hold up as well if you have to refrigerate the frosting so it will hold up.

  13. Hi Brandi,
    I have not attempted to use this buttercream for roses. However, I have used it for simple piping and have had great success. I have used all purpose flour a tablespoon at a time to ” firm” up the frosting. The only danger I see when trying that method for a rose is that you’ll lose the flavor but have the consistency to keep a rose shape. As always, thanks for visiting my sight. Meggie

  14. Hi Meggie

    Thank you for sharing this so simple and effective recipe. Cake making is one of my hobbies and a friend has just asked me to include in my repertoire Diabetic cakes so she can enjoy my baking too as she is a diabetic, somehting which I have never experimented with. However, I came across your web site and realised that this sounds like somehting I can tackle. Now I can’t wait to try both cake and topping and will let you know the result. Grateful JanD

  15. Hi Jan,
    I am so glad that you have visited my site. I have great confidence that once you’ve baked your friend a cake with sugar alternative and they give you the ” thumbs up” with the first bite you know you’ve met with success!!! I encourage you to adapt any of your favorites with Sugar Blend Splenda and try the buttercream and you too just may be onto a whole new hobby, one that help so many like your diabetic friend. Happy baking and please visit my website again. Best regards, Meggie

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