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Sticky: Whey Low Now Exclusive Sweetener for MIE

Important Meggie’s Incredible Edibles Announcement:

No Longer Using Splenda Blend – Now Exclusively Using Whey Low Sweetener


Its important that readers and customers know that we now exclusively use Whey Low.  This is an all natural sweetener that hasn’t been chemically modified to meet the criteria for a diabetic or gastric bypass diet. This product maintains a level glycemic index, is stable when baking at high temperatures and has no aftertaste. 


Whey Low Maintains Level Glycemic Index

Whey Low

This product offers me more flexibility in baking because it is available in a granular,  brown sugar and powdered sugar form. I am thrilled to be using this product that was developed by a physician who’s wife is a Type II diabetic. The company is based in Maryland and the whole product line is made in the USA.


Of course, all the recipes already on this website made with Splenda Blend are wonderful as they are, but you could substitute Whey Low for them as well. I still make all those recipes and many more only now I use Whey Low. So you can too!


Whey Low Available At Amazon

Whey Low Granular Sweetener – 2 poundsWhey lowWhey LowWhey Low Type D Granules, 1 lb.

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